About us

Founded over 30 years ago in Vargem Alta by the Martins André family, Angramar Granite & Marble is a leading Brazilian company working on natural stone processing and business.

Taking pride in its family roots without losing sight of innovation, Angramar invested heavily in state-of-the-art machinery at its Cachoeiro de Itapemirim processing plant and headquarters, to supply both domestic and overseas markets.

Today, the company's main goal is to further develop its growth in international markets, by acquiring new quarries and increasing its natural stone portfolio.

Social responsability

While growing in size and expertise, Angramar never lost sight of its family origins and sense of community. That is why we believe in giving back and strengthening our community bonds by funding social projects in our district and working closely with Rochativa, a stone-industry-funded NGO.


Concerned about the future of the planet, Angramar separates and destines waste to licensed recipients, in addition to the sludge from the production process for landfills that invest in studies for application in products related to construction

The afforestation of the company’s surroundings and the reuse of water are also part of the processes related to the environment.

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